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New Age Hydroponics
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Privacy Policy

This policy was developed by NewAgeHydroponics.com and it is based on the Guidelines to the National Privacy Priciples. The Guidelines to the NPP are available at www.privacy.gov.au

1. Collection of data.
We collect data using cookies, directly through forms, and through the use of Javascript. We do so in order to make your visit to our website an enjoyable and user friendly experience. We use third party data collection, in the form of the Google Analytics and Webmaster tools service. The collection of sensitive information(personally identifiable financial) is done by PayPal Australia.

2. Use and Disclosure.
We use general web usage data for internal statistical purposes and for the purposes of improving our systems, practices and equipment. We use 3rd party general traffic data for improving user experience and analysis of advertising budgets, efficiency, etc.

3. Data quality.
We try and ensure all data is kept up to date and accurate.

4. Data Security.
We protect any and all information in our care by encryption and off site backup and storage.

5. Openness.
We have this public policy document here in place to demonstrate our commitment to your information security and privacy.

6. Access and correction.
As we hold next to no personally identifiable information, it is not possible for clients to have access to any site collected data. In the event where we commence a newsletter and use an online database of clients names and email addresses, the clients will have access to correct/change an email address or cancel subscription to the newsletter and asking for cancellation or correction.

7. Identifiers.
We do not ask for any "identifiers" as described in the NPP. No Medicare or tax file numbers.

8. Anonymous clients.
We have no issue with anonymous clients. If you would like to purchase gardening supplies from us and remain anonymous, it is within the NPP Guidelines to accept this transaction and we have no issue with this. We may however ask for the payment to be made using cash or direct deposit.

9.Transborder data flows.
We may need to send information we receive from you during the design process across national borders. It is necessary in order to give our designers the necessary information to complete the requested order.

10. Policy Change.
This policy may change and be updated as necessary and within accordance of the NPP.

If you have any questions about privacy that haven't been answered here, feel free to use our contact form or call our FREECALL number 1800 805 973 for more information.