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Flood and Drain Kit with Stand 90cm x 90cm
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Flood and Drain Kit with Stand 90cm x 90cm

This Flood and Drain Kit includes:
• Aluminium Stand
• 90cm x 90cm Tray
• Clay Pebbles 90lt (2 bags)
• 1lt Grow and Bloom Nutrient
• pH Test Kit
• pH up and down 250ml
•Aqua One 104 Water Pump
• Digital Timer
• 80lt Tub and Lid
• Twin Outlet Air Pump
• Air Stones and 4mm Hose
• Irrigation Fittings
Flood and Drain tables are a great way to grow a range of herbs and vegetables.
The 900mm x 900mm table can be used to grow all your Herbs, Salad Greens, Spinach, Asian Greens, even Chillies and Capsicums.

Price: $470.00
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