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Flood and Drain Tray 1160mm x 1160mm
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Flood and Drain Tray 1160mm x 1160mm

UV stabilised, food grade plastic tray.
It is ideal for growing Lettuce, Herbs, Spinach, Silver beet and Asian Greens. You can also grow Tomatoes, Capsicums, Cucumbers, Eggplant and any other climbing plant as long as the trays are set up in an area that can support climbing plants.
Root vegetables would be better suited to deeper trays.
The outer dimensions are 1160mm wide x 1160mm long x 130mm high and the inner dimensions are 1100mm x 1100mm x 100mm deep. The tray would require approximately four bags of 45litre Clay Pebbles to fill.
The feed and return fittings are included with this tray.

Price: $175.00
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