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Dutch Master Liquid Light 1lt
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Dutch Master Liquid Light 1lt

Liquid Light is a foliar spray designed to be used in the growing stage and the first 4 weeks of the flowering stage. For best results it should be used in conjunction with a wetting agent like Dutch Master Penetrator.
Nutrients are absorbed through leaves quicker then they can be absorbed through the root system, making a foliar regime a practical way to deliver essential nutrients faster and more effectively.
Liquid Light, according to the manufacturer, "Delivers a High Tech Payload of Light Magnifying technology deep inside the leaves of your plants." They claim that plants will absorb 60% more light when sprayed with Liquid Light compared to those that have not been sprayed.
Liquid Light is part of the Dutch Master Gold range and as such ranks as one of their premium foliar sprays.
It is vitally important to maintain good airflow in the growing environment when foliar sprays are applied so as to minimise the risk of mould or mildew developing.
Use Liquid Light twice a week at the rate of 60mls per litre.

Price: $55.00