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Black Max<br/>Odour Eater BM1

Black Max
Odour Eater BM1

The Black Max Odour Eater BM1 is a high ouput odour neutralistaion unit that produces 0.6gram of ozone per litre of air.
It is highly effective in eliminating odours and is designed to be used in ductwork preferably mounted behind an extraction fan. For the unit to work to its best it is suggested that at least six meters of ducting be used.
When locating the Odour Eater inside ductwork it creates extra turbulence to aid ozone/air mixing. The ozone lamp is protected behind a mesh screen, to prevent accidental contact and minimise the chance of damage.
The Black Max Ozone Generator incorporates a high quality Industrial ozone producing UV (ultra violet) lamp operating at a precise wavelength together with a specialised electronic starter. This greatly increases the lamp life by instantly starting the lamp, without the flickering associated with a standard starter.

Price: $550.00