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Spectrum Lamp 14000K

Spectrum Lamp 14000K

The Spectrum compact Fluoro lamp offers an approximate lumen output of 10000.
The 14000K lamp in particular provides a 'Marine Light' colour temperature of 14000Kelvin. This is a very 'blue' daylight colour and is best suited for Aquarium lighting. It can be used as artificial lighting for fish as well as coral.
The Spectrum Marine Light can also be used for plant growth, i.e propagation or indeed as supplemental lighting for growing leafy green plants.
As supplemental lighting for an entire crop it can be used with HID Lights to light up any gaps above or below the plant canopy. Because it produces no heat plants can grow very close to the light without burning.
Spectrum lamps can be adapted to an existing shade with the use of a lamp adapter or can be used with a standard lampholder and hung vertically amongst the plant foliage.

Price: $100.00
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