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Canna Rhizotonic 250ml

Canna Rhizotonic 250ml

Rhizotonic is an organic root stimulant that radically accelerates new root growth by 55%. This figure is based on Dutch plant laboratory research relating to the root initiation process. Rhizotonic contains a balanced and carefully integrated formulation of Norwegian seaweed extracts, 60 bio- growth stimulants and essential B vitamins. This combination ensures rapid and healthier root development as well as overall plant vigour. It also contains a high quality saccharine, derived from Oligosaccharide Chemistry, that has proved to alleviate plant stress due to transplanting, over or under watering, root disease, moulds, root burn and over fertilisng. Rhizotonic protects against Pythium,Mildew, Fusarium,and Botrytis by creating a "biological barrier" between your plant and the pathogens. It helps promote a healthier root environment which in turn promotes a much healthier plant. Healthy plants start with a healthy root system. Rhizotonic can be used as a seed soak at the rate of 4ml per litre, as a pre-soak for rockwool cubes prior to taking cuttings (4ml/litre) and as an all round additive. In a hydroponic system it is best used at the rate of 4ml per litre in the early stages of plant growth and at 1-2ml per litre as a maintenance application throughout the rest of the growing phase. If you are growing flowering plants it should be used at 0.5ml per litre when flowers start to develop.

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