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NHT 1000B

NHT 1000B

The EYE NHT 1000B lamp is designed for use in an American Constant Wattage (CW) Type Ballast. It has an approximate lumen output of 140000 and one of the highest CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of any HPS Lamp currently on the market.
It is rated at 28, which is high for a HPS lamp and means that the NHT 1000B has a colour output that is 28% close to natural sunlight.
EYE lamps are made to exacting standards and will maintain their lumen integrity over time. This means that they need to be replaced less often than other lamp brands
The NHT 1000B, like all EYE lamps, is made to last.
Choosing an EYE Lamp is an investment in quality and performance.
(Not avail. in South Australia.)

Price: $195.00