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Exfoliators Vermiculite<br/>100lt bagprem

Exfoliators Vermiculite
100lt bagprem

Grade 3 Exfoliators Vermiculite is a course light weight medium.
Vermiculite is part of the phyllosilicate group of minerals and is known as hydrated phlogophile mica.
Like perlite, vermiculite expands when heated to create a porous and light weight substance with excellent thermal and water holding properties.
It has a higher water holding capacity then Premium Perlite and can thus be watered less often.
While Premium Perlite is perhaps best suited to recirculating or gravity fed systems, Vermiculite is a viable option for run-to-waste systems because it holds more water.
Exfoliators Vermiculite is mined in Australia and South Africa

Price: $50.00