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Cannazym 5lt

Cannazym 5lt

Cannazym contains a carefully balanced blend of fifteen organic enzymes that rapidly accelerate the breakdown of dead roots.
Breaking down dead root matter quickly, allows the plant to maximise its nutrient uptake via the healthy root mass still alive. In a sense it speeds up the metabolic process, making it easier for the plant to react to nutrient availablility without having to wait the extra time it would normally take for the roots to break down naturally.
The enzymes in Cannazym rapidly convert dead roots into minerals and sugars that are a valuable source of added nutrition for the plant as well as the soil environment.
The rapid breakdown of dead root matter has the added benefit of preventing the risk of fungal, bacterial or viral attack by creating an active soil environment rich in micro-organisms. These micro-organisms boost the plants immune system thus helping to prevent disease.

Price: $275.00