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Canna PK13-14 1lt

Canna PK13-14 1lt

PK 13 -14 is a bio-available Potassium (K) and Phosphorous (P) additive designed for use in the flower stage of plant growth.
It has a guaranteed composition of 13% P2O5 and 14% K2O.
This composition has been extensively researched and field tested in labs and greenhouses in Holland. The result is a formula designed to work faster and more effectively then any other composition.
Potassium and Phosphorous are essential elements in plant metabolism and directly influence flower and fruit development. In a bio-available form they are more readily absorbed and used by the plant thus providing rapid and effective results.
PK 13-14 leaves no harmful residues and is environmentally friendly.
PK 13-14 should be used once, approximately three to four weeks before blooms are ready for harvest, at the rate of 1-2ml per litre. It should be used for one week only

Price: $60.00
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