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1000w HPS CW <br/>Basic Kit

1000w HPS CW
Basic Kit

The 1000w HPS Constant Wattage (CW) Basic KIT contains;
Ablite Reflex Shade (Lge)
Sylvania LU1000
Growlush HPS CW Ballast
The Sylvania LU1000 Lamp has a lumen output of 140,000, making it one of the brightest HPS Lamps on the market.
The Ablite Reflex Shade is a compact one piece shade offering efficient light distribution for smaller areas.
The Growlush High Pressure Sodium (HPS) CW Ballast has a constant running & start up amperage of 4.8amp and comes with a one year replacement warranty.
This is a great value lighting system.
(Not avail. in South Australia.)

Price: $380.00