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Hydrowool 20kg

Hydrowool 20kg

Made in Japan, this is a medium density granulated rockwool product ideal for use in hydroponic systems.
Nichias Granulated rockwool is trademarked as 'Hydrowool' and comes in a 20kg compressed bale.
It makes up approximately 140litres of medium when expanded and has a high water holding capacity.
This high water holding capacity means that 'Hydrowool' does not need to be watered very often thus saving on water & nutrients.
Like most rockwool media Hydrowool is best suited to a run-to-waste system though it is also used in recirculating systems.
The key to success in either system is to never over water.
Prior to use the medium should be flushed with pH adjusted water set at 5.5.Once this is done allow the medium to dry out slightly so it is only moist rather then wet and then transplant seedlings etc.
The nutrient solution should have a pH of 5.5 to avoid nutrient deficiencies/toxicities.
Hydrowool is an inert, sterile medium that is ideally suited for horticultural use.
Care should be taken when handling rockwool by wearing gloves and a mask.
The rockwool fibres can cause irritation to the skin, and if breathed in they can also irritate the lungs.
see MSDS

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