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The Can66 is a carbon filter that is 66cm tall and has an outer diameter of 30.5cm.
It is made in Holland and uses a 50mm thick bed of virgin activated carbon known as CKV-4 to filter unwanted odours.
The entire filter weighs 20kg, and the Carbon makes up 14kg of that weight.
The Can 66 is ideal for small to medium areas up to about 15 cubic metres and using no more than 3000watts.
The most suitable fans to use with this filter are a 150mm centrifugal fan like the Can-Fan RS-150 if the area is small and using about 1200 watts or a 200mm centrifugal fan like the Systemair RVK200A1 or the Can-Fan RS200 if the area is larger and using up to about 3000watts.
Flange sold separately.
(Not avail. in South Australia.)

Price: $275.00
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